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Discover the history of two vintage and rare boxcab locomotives #4 & #5, that were converted by the Mack Truck Company into Gas-Electric locomotives. 


The two 35 ton boxcab locomotives where originally built by General Electric as electric trolley freight motors in 1924. Mack Truck, Inc. rebuilt the two units into experimental Gas-Electric Locomotives during 1939. The #4 & #5 where then operated at the Mack Truck Allentown PA 5-A and 5-C plants until the early 1960's. The two boxcab's over the decades had several owners and they where moved to various locations .

In late 2007, it was rumored that the former owner considered scrapping the rare locomotives. This is when JC McHugh and his wife Ann, began the process to keep at least one of the Mack Truck boxcab locomotives from the flames of a cutting torch. The McHugh family nostalgia for old #4 and that both boxcab's where also part of Pennsylvania's Industrial Railroading Heritage is why they wanted to see at least one of these rare Mack Truck Inc. locomotives saved.

Although a few volunteers at the tourist rail line that formely owned #4 & #5, along with several railfans, made comments that neither of the two Mack locomotives were worth the expenses involved to save even just one unit. These remarks did not discourage JC McHugh, who was adamant that his family would restore one of the two Mack locomotives when others felt it was not worth the effort to do so. On March 16, 2008 the McHugh's purchased the two old boxcab's with a favorable outcome for one Mack locomotive.

The McHugh family enjoyment of this vintage Mack locomotive comes from sharing it with others, and being able to provide the history of these rare Mack Trucks, Inc. built locomotives to people who also may have an interest to learn about them. Since August 2008, Mack #4 has been displayed at several historical equipment or railroad events over the years, and it is planned to continue displaying it every couple years so the general public can discover these rare locomotives that were once built by Mack Trucks, Inc.


Mack Truck # 4 is a part of America's Indusrtial Railroading Hertiage, and this unique locomotive was almost lost forever. Then in 2008 old boxcab # 4 was saved, and restored privately by; Jimmy, Ann, & JC McHugh.


Historical information and over 100  photographs are located in the "six Mack locomotive date time line links" below.

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